The Audience

This film is intended to engage a broad audience and will be broadcast on public television nationally. It is screening at film festivals and being used by public libraries, social studies programs in schools, community health programs, and courses such as Women's, Environmental, Health, Nutrition, Anthropology, and American Studies in universities.

Response to the film shows that there are audiences "hungry" to talk about what we have on our plates and the impact of our choices, from directors of diabetes and wellness programs, gardeners and hunters to kids and elders. We are working with schools, conservation groups, village organizations, and public and community health programs on outreach to ensure that Eating Alaska generates dialogue and becomes a tool to help organize people, be that around the push for healthier school snacks and lunches, promoting traditional food gathering, or other actions.

Through national screenings among community, environmental, and women's groups, and in places such as independent natural food stores, farmer's markets and gatherings of outdoor advocacy groups, the film is triggering discussions and challenging assumptions as people talk about their relationship to what they eat, and how that connects to culture, community, health, the environment and the lives of future generations.