Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy

Following a vegetarian diet is linked to many health benefits, such as lowering your risk of heart disease and reducing our carbon footprint. My family and I have decided to have plant based meals a few times a week together.

Finding vegetarian versions of your favorite dishes can be tough sometimes. I know I find myself struggling to find options when I’m out to eat other than salads. 

It’s boring and it can feel a bit isolating, but when I was visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of variety they had for people with all sorts of dietary restrictions. 

I spent a long weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan and visited a ton of restaurants. As a foodie, I always feel inclined to visit as many restaurants as possible when I’m out on vacation.

Lucy’s Cafe

Out of all the restaurants I tried, Lucy’s Cafe stood out to me the most.

Their menu had a wide selection of choices for vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as gluten free options. It was so comforting to see restaurants that provide options for so many different people with food restrictions.

Since my friends and I were out for Sunday brunch, I knew I had to get an indulgent breakfast. 

I decided to go with the vegetarian biscuits and gravy. When I saw the menu read ‘made from scratch’ I was all in. What’s better than a flaky, homemade biscuit?

vegetarian biscuits and gravy

I knew I was in for a treat. The biscuits were topped with plant based sausage gravies and green onions.

The house-made drop biscuits and vegetarian gravy were phenomenal. I’ve tried searching how to make vegetarian biscuits and gravy myself, and Lucy’s vegetarian biscuits and gravy recipe has far outdone any others I have tried.

Because I’m not vegan and I still eat eggs and dairy products, I had to top mine with a poached egg. I love when the yolk is still a bit runny and I can dip the biscuits in the egg yolk.

To My Plant Based Friends

Before I go out to eat, I always search for that restaurant’s menu online. Although it can be annoying and time consuming, it has paid off numerous times for me.

If you’re in west Michigan make sure you stop by Lucy’s Cafe and get the vegetarian biscuits and gravy. You won’t be disappointed.

Whether you follow a diet that is free of animal products or you’re just a major foodie, you will find something to feed your appetite here.

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